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Some city dwellers long for an idyllic life in the countryside, while some people who live in the country yearn to try life in the city. There are some surprising differences that need to be considered when moving from an urban location to a rural one.

1. Water

Most people who live in a city simply take it for granted that they can turn on the faucet and clean water comes pouring out or that when they flush the toilet they do not have to worry about any negative results. The city maintains the sewers and water lines and deals with any trouble that occurs on public property. In rural areas, well water is often the rule, and the mechanisms need to be maintained by the property owner. Companies will need to be called to perform well pump repair Tampa if something goes wrong. Wastewater goes into a septic tank system, which also needs to be maintained and replaced as needed.

2. Internet

The high-speed internet that most city slickers are used to using on their cell phones and laptops is not generally available in the country. Dial-up or satellite internet are the two main options for people who live too far away from the nearest city. The internet can be slow or spotty during storms or periods of poor reception. It is best to have a good plan in place before venturing out if the internet is a necessity for a home business.

3. Trash Collection

One of the most surprising things that people will need to get used to is that most places in the country do not pick up garbage. Trash will need to be loaded up and taken to the dump at regular intervals. Some companies do contract with individuals to pick up garbage on a regular basis for a fee.

Living in the country can be a wonderful experience. Do research before making any type of move, especially if it is to a place that is much different than previously experienced.