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Buying a house for the first time is stressful. You spend the majority of your savings on your down payment and hope that you made a good choice. While you can’t be certain about your house’s condition until you live in it, by inspecting these services before you move in, you decrease the chance of finding unpleasant surprises.

Waste Management

Do not consider a house that does not include a bathroom with a flushable toilet. Even if there is a restroom, you need to make sure that it works. Find out from the real estate agent or previous owner what kind of waste management system the house uses. For example, does the waste go to a local treatment center, or does the house rely on septic tank services Springtown TX? In either scenario, have a professional look at the plumbing and water pressure before purchasing the house.


Your water source needs to be reliable and clean before you move in. Pipes that have been in disuse for a long time often produce rusty or dirty water which is unsafe to drink. When the inspector evaluates your plumbing, ask him or her to check the drinking water as well.


Few houses in the United States do not have electricity, but quite a few have improperly installed wiring. Ask your real estate agent to turn on the lights to see if the electricity is working. Then, have an expert inspect the wiring to reduce your chances of starting an electrical fire. This is particularly important if the house has been empty for several years, making it more likely that animals have chewed through the wiring.

Reduce your anxiety over buying your first house by having it properly inspected before you move in. This extra step ensures that you know what you are paying for when you finally sign your contract.