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Planning an upcoming vacation at the beach for the whole family? You may want to ditch the typical motel or hotel you usually stay at in favor of vacation rentals Bald Head Island. Although hotels may feel like a default choice for beach vacations, getting a rental can actually provide a surprising number of perks for your family, from financial savings to added privacy and much more.

1. You’ll Get Extra Privacy – and Maybe Even Extra Space!

It goes without saying that rental homes, especially single-family homes, provide more privacy than a hotel room. However, you could also get plenty of extra space! If you like having room to kick back and relieve stress during your vacations, a rental could be the way to go.

2. You Can Experience the Area Like a True Local

Staying in a hotel just doesn’t quite give you the same feel as living in a home at the beach. If you really want to experience the area like a true local, a rental home could allow you access to more residential neighborhoods and a more cozy, family-friendly feel than a typical hotel room.

3. You Can Bring Extra Family Members Along and Save Money

Many hotels have limits on the number of people who can stay in one room, which means that if you want to bring along extended family members, you could be stuck paying the bill for multiple rooms. Instead of letting that price tag pile up, you could get a rental home and invite several people to stay with you – all while potentially saving money!

The next time you take your family to the beach for some much-needed time off, don’t just book a hotel out of habit. Instead, consider these great reasons to spring for a rental so you can make the most of your vacation time.