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Wondering how you can create a welcoming environment for customers who shop at your small business? You might be surprised to know that the exterior of a business is often just as important as what’s on the inside. Here’s how you can give your commercial property some undeniable curb appeal and keep your customers happy.

1. Update the Facade

Instantly distinguish your business from the competition by giving the exterior an architectural update. Expert commercial general contractors Sacramento CA work with you to create an updated exterior that wows new and existing customers alike. Be sure to use energy efficient materials when taking on any renovation – smart glass and insulated concrete blocks look great and reduce your maintenance costs, making this a practical update from all angles.

2. Add Landscaping

With a little bit of landscaping, you can inject color and personality into an otherwise unremarkable commercial property. Luckily, you can do this even if you don’t have a dedicated yard or other area of green space to maintain. In cases like this, it’s best to install planter boxes near your main entries or hang flower baskets if you have any awnings or overhangs. Fill them up with a combination of ornamental grasses, herbaceous plants and perennials to provide year-round texture and color.

3. Improve the Parking Lot

When making curb appeal updates, don’t forget to take stock of the condition of your parking areas. If parking lots or walkways are in poor condition, it drags down curb appeal and poses a potential safety hazard. Instead of doing a full replacement, contact a paving company that offers resurfacing. This is usually enough to bring these areas up to an acceptable condition.

You want your commercial building to send the right message to current and potential customers. Follow these steps to give your business an update that looks great for years to come.