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Bonus rooms are a great addition to any house, but it can be difficult to choose just what to turn that extra space in to. Deciding on a theme can help give the room purpose and makes decorating much easier. Here are a few fun ideas that will make great use of the space. 

Home Theatre

Having your own home theatre is a great way to snuggle up and watch your favorite movies while still getting the vibe that you’re at an actual movie theatre. You’ll want to get home theatre seating Toronto to make it extra comfortable. You’ll also need a projector and a good sound system. You can even put in a popcorn machine to make it extra authentic. 

Game Room

If you dreamed of having a game room in your house when you were young, a bonus room is a perfect way to make that dream come true. You can stock the room with board games and video games for people to enjoy. You can also add in old arcade games, which can usually be found for sale online. You may also want to put in a pool table, ping pong table or even a shuffleboard table. 

Home Gym

Making the space a home gym is a great way to stay healthy. You’ll also get to pick the equipment and tailor it to your needs. Gym equipment can be expensive, but you don’t have to buy it all upfront. Consider getting a few new pieces each year until you’ve created your dream gym. 

Just make sure that you’re going to make use of the room once you’ve decided on what to do with it. If not, it just becomes wasted space. Ask your friends and family what ideas they’d use the most. After all, you want it to be a fun place for everyone to gather.