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Many electricians enjoy the challenge of identifying and solving a customer’s issues. Electrical trouble shooting Bergen County NJ, is a logical thought process that all technicians perform when faced with challenging equipment. Here are the basic procedures for stepping through an electrical problem.

Ask Questions

Speak directly with the person observing the problem. Truly intermittent problems are rare.  Ask detailed questions to identify a pattern. This allows you to replicate the problem during trouble shooting.

Learn the Process

Before you jump in, understand the proper functionality of the equipment. Knowing how the equipment works helps you to understand the severity of the issue.

Define the Possibilities

Know what could and could not be causing this issue. Identify the components that are working properly. This allows you to focus on the entire picture and effectively test the equipment.

Isolate the Problem

Using controlled testing, isolate components that are failing. This can be time-consuming to test and cross-test all possible scenarios, but this is the critical stage. Start by working through the easiest fix to the most complex resolution. Once you are confident in your diagnosis, take the time to confirm your solution will work.

Fix the Equipment

With your electrical trouble shooting Bergen County NJ, complete, all that is left is to apply the repair. This may include replacing a part or adjusting settings on the equipment.

Confirm the Repair

Test and retest the equipment after completing the repair. Try to replicate real-life scenarios before leaving the job site.

Communicate the Cause

Upon completion, leave detailed instructions regarding the problem and solution. Be sure to provide instructions regarding any maintenance procedures required to keep the equipment running. Clearly communicate any follow-up directions for the client.

Approaching every project with a logical trouble shooting process is an important part of the electrician’s tasks. The more experience you get with different situations, the more comfortable you will be with the process.