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Proper Maintenance to your home’s HVAC system is essential for it to work at its best. Here are 3 important but often overlooked considerations about getting the most out of your home’s HVAC system.

1. Cleaning Needs to Happen Annually

One of the most important parts of your HVAC system is the evaporator coils. They are comprised of fine grate-like metal. Over a relatively short amount of time, they can be clogged with dust and debris, eventually causing a complete obstruction. Dirty coils will cause your system to operate less efficiently and run continuously. You’ll also circulate dirty air throughout your home. Ice on your coils may indicate that air can’t pass through your system anymore, and you need to get immediate help. When you need residential HVAC maintenance High Point, you should work with a company that is experienced serving residential customers in your area. Typically, a good AC company is positively reviewed and offers competitive pricing.

2. Coolant Needs to Be Refilled and Calibrated

Your HVAC system uses a coolant that becomes depleted over time. Your system needs to be recharged with the right amount and right pressure of coolant in order to work at its best. When you have your system serviced, a technician will measure how much coolant you have left and refill it to the right level and pressurization.

3. Ducts Can Accumulate a Lot of Dirt That Will Spread Throughout Your Home

AC ducts need to be periodically cleaned. If they aren’t maintained, they’ll collect a lot of dust, dirt, and lint. Over time, accumulations can trap moisture and cause leaks in your home’s ceiling. Dirty ducts can cause allergens and even mold spores to circulate throughout your home. If the air in your home has an odor or causes you irritation, it may be a sign that it’s time to have your ducts cleaned.