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Whether your company operates remotely or in person, communication must be one of your top priorities. Ask yourself these questions to assess the strength of your business’s communication systems.

Does Your IT Team Have Proper Training?

You rely on your information technology team to keep your computers, phones, and other communication tools operational. If these experts aren’t fully trained, you can’t rely on them to fix your problems and protect your information. Use the ideas behind instructional systems design McLean VA to create appropriate schedules for refresher training. Ask the head of IT to recommend professionals who offer courses or professional development days so that your team’s knowledge stays current.

Are Your Communication Systems Linked?

If your phone, email, text message, and videoconference software are all provided by different companies, you’re not operating your communication systems efficiently. Switching between platforms makes your employees less likely to check their notifications, and it also makes communicating with customers harder. Invest in a softphone plan that allows you to access all your communication programs on the same website or app. These programs are usually cloud-based, so you don’t need to invest in company devices for all your employees. They simply need to install your softphone app on their personal phones and computers.

Do You Use Email Efficiently?

Email is a powerful tool, allowing you to communicate immediately without the intrusiveness of a phone call or text. However, if you’re not using it efficiently, you clutter your employees’ mailboxes and decrease the chances that they’ll read every note. Consolidate messages as much as possible, and think about whether you have anything else to add before sending an email. Avoid hitting “reply all” unless everyone involved truly needs to hear your response.

After assessing your business’s skills with these questions, you’re ready to craft an improved communication strategy.