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A healthy pond needs oxygen, which means aeration is a key component of maintaining an amazing backyard water feature. There are many different types of pumps to choose from to help you keep your pond water clean and free from nasty algae buildups.

Statuary Pump

A statuary pump is used for small fountains where the water will not rise higher than three feet. Only a small amount of aeration is possible, which means this type is more for decorative purposes than functional. A pump repair shop NY can help you maintain this kind of pump so that it works for many years.

External Pump

This low maintenance option works well with ponds that require high head pressure and flow rates. It needs to be protected well from the outdoor elements to prevent costly repairs.

Submersible Pump

Tucked quietly under the water, this type of pump forces water upwards to create a fountain. It rarely overheats because it’s surrounded by water and is easy to install.

Magnetic Drive Pump

Waterfall features use this type of energy-efficient pump to create gorgeous outdoor water displays. An impeller uses electromagnetism to force water through the system.

Debris Handling Pump

This type of pump has the ability to keep the pond floor free of debris while also supplying water to a fountain. The only issue with this type is the likelihood of clogs.

Solar Powered Pump

Using the sun as its energy source, a solar-powered pump is one of the most environmentally friendly options to choose from. It can be an external or submersible pump, but it is dependent on how much sun is available.

Fountain Pump

A powerful fountain can help aerate a large pond with ease. It works best with shallow ponds as the aeration only happens on the surface.

Your unique pond environment and your budget can help you determine the type of pump you need to keep your habitat healthy and beautiful.