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It has happened to everyone: you have locked yourself out of your house. Do not panic though. Just consider the following steps and eventually, you will get back in. With a little patience and resilience, you will be passed this incident in no time. 

Call a Professional

The first thing you want to do if you do not have a spare key is to call a professional so you limit the amount of time you are locked out. Locating a locksmith company Elizabeth NJ is as easy as looking up who is local. Local companies can have professionals who are typically closer. When you call, make sure to ask if they can do what you need since locksmiths offer many different types of services, how much the service will cost, and if, depending on the time or location, there will be additional fees.

Get Somewhere Safe

Once your locksmith is on their way, look for a safe place to wait until they get there. If it is your house, go to the backyard and call a friend or family member. If you live in an apartment, find someplace well lit and secure until the professional alerts you that they are near. Consider calling someone to come wait with you. Whatever you do, do not break into your house or apartment. The damage that can incur is not worth the extra bit of time it may save you from being outside. 

Ask For a Spare

When you do finally gain access to your home, make sure to request a spare or go make a copy at a local store. Give the spare to someone you can depend on so in case this ever happens again, you can call them to come let you in. 

No matter how it happened, getting locked out of your house is not the end of the world. It is fixable and eventually will be a distant memory.