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Feathers add a touch of elegance to any room, alluding to luxury, even royalty. But do you know how to incorporate them into your decor? Here are three ideas that will work with nearly any decorating scheme.


Whether you use them with flowers, natural elements or artificial pieces like strands of pearls or tinsel, feathers look stunning tucked into a vase or bowl as a centerpiece arrangement. You can even make an arrangement of exclusively feathers for an exquisite take on a bouquet. Choose all one type of feather (such as bulk peacock feathers) for a show-stopping piece or mix and match different textures of feathers for dimensionality and interest. Even a few single feathers tucked into bud vases can add a bit of whimsy to an otherwise plain space. 


Feathers are ideal for jazzing up existing pieces in your home with the help of a little special glue or sealant. Lampshades, side tables or decorative bowls are obvious choices, but the options are limitless! Add feathers to large pieces in your home for a bold look, or integrate them in smaller doses (think picture frames) for more subtlety. This is a great technique to add a unique touch to handmade gifts like jewelry boxes or journals too — delighting and surprising recipients young and old.


Large, colorful feathers lend themselves well to a throw pillow fringe or tassels. If you have a larger quantity of feathers, you could sew rows of them onto a pillowcase, layering them to create a dramatic, eye-catching piece that will surely be the envy of your guests! For those a little less ambitious, a single feather tied to a pillow with a bit of contrasting ribbon makes for a fun, temporary pop of color on your sofa or armchair.

However you use them, feathers are a delightful way to make your home decor stand out. In vases, on pillows or on side tables, they add an element of fun to virtually any home.