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If you’ve decided to sell your house, you’re likely a little nervous about the impression it makes when holding an open house. Here are the top three ways to get your home ready for a showing.

1. Declutter Interior Spaces

When you hold your first open house, you need to be sure that visitors are able to focus on the big picture, instead of on your stuff. Declutter each interior room, including storage spaces like attics and closets. You should spend some time decluttering the garage, as well. The garage often becomes a catch-all for items that can’t fit in the house. Give yourself some breathing room during the moving process by renting temporary public storage Pueblo CO.

2. Clean Inside and Out

A thorough cleaning is required before your first open house. Inside the home, perform general cleaning but focus extra attention on your bathrooms since bathroom grime is instantly noticeable. On the exterior, use a power washer to get your walls and paved surfaces free from grime and weathering. These two simple tasks will leave your home sparkling clean inside and out.

3. Remove Odors

Believe it or not, if potential buyers come through the door and notice any strange odors, it immediately changes the perceptions they have about your property. Pet odors, cooking odors or just general musty smells are major turnoffs. There are several easy ways to reduce funky smells in the home before your first open house. Spread baking soda on carpets and let it sit ten minutes before vacuuming it up. In addition, think about adding some house plants. They’ll not only provide your interior with pleasant scents, they’ll enhance your décor, too.

It all comes down to first impressions when you’re selling a home. Follow these tips and you’ll ensure that your first open house is a successful one.