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Remodeling your kitchen is a big job, so if you’re going to do it, do it right. We are all influenced by style trends that designers curate for us, so before you make your choices for your kitchen, make sure you know what’s next rather than what is so last year.


Kitchens with statement colors are on the rise. Choose a bold-colored cabinet like red or blue or if you’re really gusty, install colored appliances. A safer option is to pick out some beautiful tile for your backsplash. Tiles come in all sorts of colors and themes from food to Italian village life to wildflowers. You’ll have to look at them for a long time once your home kitchen remodel Austin TX is completed, so choose something you really love.


Whether you install dedicated spots to hold your recycling and composting bins or choose bamboo flooring, sustainability is the wave of the future. Make sure the cabinets you put in are from a sustainable source. Upcycling vintage or antique pieces into your kitchen is a great way to repurpose Aunt Martha’s credenza or Grandma’s old farm sink, thus saving them from the landfill.

Metal Mash

Choosing from among all the metals used to be a chore. If your faucet handles were in polished nickel, then your range hood had to be too. The new look is a mash-up of metals. Feel free to use a copper pot filler above your stainless-steel range. Pick three metals that you like and disperse them throughout the kitchen in appliances, faucets, light fixtures and cupboard door handles.

Useful Spaces

A beautiful new kitchen should contain a myriad of useful spaces. Take a page out of the compact European kitchen and put storage everywhere. Install slide-out shelving and make use of corners with circular shelves. The new kitchen trend is functional with no wasted space.

Design your kitchen remodel by looking to the future. With a few design choices, you can easily be on the cutting edge of style.