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If you spent more time at home this past summer, you may have noticed certain things about your yard that could use improvement. Whether you saw dead branches, shrubs you don’t like anymore or a really bland pool area, this fall and winter might be the best time to dream about what you want and to start your plans in motion.

The Hard

Did you decide you hate rhododendrons this summer? Maybe you decided to finally get rid of them and got out the clippers. 

It was then that you decided it was a bigger job than you wanted to handle on your own. Companies that do landscape maintenance New City NY can help remove the old and also help you decide what you’d like as a replacement.

The Boring

If you have an inground pool and you spent a lot of time there this summer, did you decide that it’s a really boring area? If your pool has stayed the same since the year you moved in, maybe it’s time for a little sprucing up. Interesting plantings could look great as well as something really cool like a waterfall.

Most homeowners can’t handle a task like this on their own, but landscapers are ready and willing to listen to your ideas and make them a reality.

The Never Ending

Grass doesn’t stop growing until winter. Then leaves and snow become a problem. If you’re already dreading these duties and the first leaf hasn’t even fallen yet, it might be time to enlist some help. A landscaping team can do in a couple of hours what might take you two weekends.

Start really enjoying your yard again. Get some help with the tasks you hate, or just don’t have the knowledge or equipment to do. Call a local expert and see what they can offer you.