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Making an addition to your home is a major decision, and an in-ground pool is no exception. While this type of pool can provide endless entertainment and refreshment, it is also a permanent structure that requires plenty of thought before construction. Consider these important factors before the installation starts. 

1. The Purpose

One of the first factors you should think about is the pool’s purpose. Do you plan on using it for recreation or do you need to practice swimming as a sport? Will you entertain your kids or large groups of guests? Perhaps you might even need it for aquatic therapy. The pool’s role in your household will also determine other factors, such as the size, the shape and the materials used to build it. Establishing the potential uses will make the construction process much easier. 

2. The Budget

Pool installation requires plenty of money, especially if you want a high-quality product. Once you have a strong idea for a pool, you will need to determine if it matches your current and future financial situation. You may have to hold off if you have significant debts or give up on some planned purchases to invest in the pool. Whether you build it yourself or hire professionals, think about the costs of materials, landscaping, excavation and electrical work, in addition to post-construction expenses such as continuous pool maintenance service St Charles County MO to keep it in top condition. 

3. The Home Value 

Due to its permanency, an in-ground pool can add or detract property value, especially if you think about selling your home in the future. A well-planned and maintained pool might benefit your home in some areas. However, pool care might also be considered a great burden in certain places, reducing the value instead. Research the local real estate market before making plans. 

A pool can provide entertainment, therapy and fitness, but it also involves responsibilities and costs. Think carefully about major factors like these before you finalize your plans.