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Winter brings harsh weather that damages countless business properties each year. From destructive critters to heavy snowfall, every year the reoccurring problems require attention. To help you see the warning signs, here are some protective steps you can take to shield your business.

1. Snow Alarm

Anyone that lives in a snowy area of the country knows how heavy snow can be. Weighing in at almost 25 pounds per cubic foot, the heavy frozen water can quickly destroy a company’s roof when it reaches an 8-inch depth. To protect your building, install a commercial roof snow alarm. The automatic monitoring can send accurate results before damage can occur.

2. Gutter Clearing

To prevent the melting snow from overflowing the gutters on your building, clear them of all debris before winter begins. Reinforce sagging gutters and adjust downspouts to make sure water drains away from the building. If ice dams appear, have a professional roofing team remove them immediate before water buildup has a chance to back up and enter your business.

3. Overhanging Trees

When trees overhang the building, critters of all sizes can use the branches as an entryway into your company’s building. From racoons to rats, they all need a home out of the snow and your warm building looks inviting. To prevent intrusion, cut trees back from around the structure far enough to prevent the animals from jumping onto the roof.

4. Parking Problems

You want your customers to be safe during the winter, so consider removing snow regularly. Clearing snow away from sidewalks, entryways and parking lots can help prevent accidents, including slip and falls. Use salt if your city or county allows chemical placement and add entryway mats to prevent possible slipping. Make sure you have ample liability insurance coverage, too.

You can shield your business by taking protective steps each fall. Keeping the building safe means your business can run without worry about heavy winter storms.