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Wondering how you can attract new clientele to your small business? You already know that in business, it’s all about making that great first impression, and the best way to do that is through curb appeal. Here are three outdoor upgrades that improve the look of your commercial space in a way that customers will remember.

1. Maintain Your Parking Areas

Curb appeal doesn’t just include the way that your commercial building looks – you also need to take into account the condition of any parking areas that you have on your property. Periodically check for any areas of damage to your parking lot and the walkways that your customers use to reach your business. Whenever repairs are needed, contact an expert asphalt contractor San Diego CA to take care of the job and make the area around your business safer and more attractive.

2. Add Landscaping                                     

It’s easier to soften up the look of a commercial building with landscaping, even if you don’t have a dedicated area of greenspace to care for. Simply install flower boxes below the windows or planter boxes near your main entry door. Fill them with hardy plants that don’t require a ton of care, including geraniums, hibiscus, or leafy green ferns.

3. Install a New Sign

If you want to immediately attract attention from new and existing customers alike, you can’t go wrong by installing some new signage. The most effective signs use light, especially LED light since it’s brighter and more energy-efficient than fluorescent bulbs. Contact a local sign company to create a unique sign for your business. Use your logo and other branding information to show customers exactly what your business has to offer.

Create a winning first impression on your customers by making some effective curb appeal renovations. Follow the tips above and get creative to give your business some stand-out style and charm.