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Amateur and professional antique restorers alike often look for resources for their projects of various sizes. If you’re into furniture, automobiles or jewelry, you can find incredible products, tips and tricks online and through local or national stores and services. Here’s a closer look at the resources awaiting you in these areas of specialty. 

1. Furniture

Whether you’re interested in restoring your grandmother’s wedding trunk, a newly purchased French bureau, or a beloved cane chair, online restoration outlets carry the items and materials you need. The variety of resources waiting for you include chair caning and seat weaving materials, furniture and lamp parts, how-to manuals, refinishing supplies and tools. 

2. Automobiles

If you’re restoring an old car or military vehicle, chances are you’re dealing with rusted parts and bodywork. If so, consider checking out specialized aluminum sand casting services like military Milan MI. Highly trained, experienced technicians can work with you to create the custom automotive molding or military fabrication you need to move your restoration project along. The possibilities range from intake manifolds to frame components, oil pans and more.

3. Jewelry

When jewelry’s your antique restoration specialty or passion, you’ll find a wealth of resources online and at antique and auction houses. Items range from wristwatch parts and jewelry clasps, bands and replacement gems to the manufacturer’s manuals. If you’re looking for information on cleaning or caring for jewelry, check out professional resources such as the Jewelers of America jewelry care tips. Famous American brands such as Tiffany & Co. also sell their proprietary care essentials, including silver care kits and polishing mitts. 

Perhaps your antique restoration passion is toys, dishware, mechanical banks or cake stands. Whatever your niche or area of interest, find the manuals, parts, supplies, and tips and tricks you need online or through professional antique restoration services.