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Do you have older furniture that is showing signs of wear and tear? Or, maybe you found a used chair or desk on the side of the road, and it needs some TLC. Instead of using furniture that you aren’t happy with or spending a lot of money to replace it, you could update it. Your furniture will look as good as new when you follow these easy tips.


When you have a piece of furniture, such as a dresser or wooden chair, that gets used all the time, the paint can start to peel, and the finish can fade. Luckily, you can simply repaint the furniture to give it new life. You will want to do a rough sanding to get the old paint off. 

When repainting the furniture, you could go with one solid color or choose to do a faux finish Louisville. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you top it all off with a coat of strong enamel to help the paint last longer. 


Fabric on chairs and benches wear out over time and can start to thin, fray and tear. You might initially think to put tape over the tears or just throw it out when this happens. Instead, just recover the seat. Most seats are simply held on by a couple of screws. When you remove those, you can easily remove the seat and use a butter knife or flat screwdriver to pry up the staples holding the fabric down. 

Once you have the old fabric removed, you lay your new piece down and secure it using a staple gun. Make sure you ensure that the corners lay flat as you go around it. Then, simply resecure the seat to the chair or bench, and you have a seat that looks brand new.