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There are lots of benefits to having trees on your property. They provide shade that keeps your garden and house cool. They attract birds and animals that live in their branches. Sometimes, however, a tree can get too big or unstable and you wonder if it’s time to cut it down. We have three signs for you that you need to call in a company to do tree service Cincinnati and remove that old tree.

1. Brittle Bark

When a tree is dying, the bark becomes brittle and develops cracks. The cracks might be surface level or extend deep into the trunk of the tree. You may also notice the bark falling off the tree. Some trees, such as birch, naturally lose their bark, but for most, this is a good sign that the tree is not thriving and should be removed.

2. Dead Leaves and Limbs

When spring arrives and all the trees start growing their new leaves, it’s easy to spot the trees that are not growing green leaves. When a tree is dead or dying, the branches remain leafless and the tree limbs themselves can die and become unstable. If your lawn has lots of dead branches after a windy day, it’s time to take that tree down.

3. A Noticeable Lean

When a tree’s roots are damaged, it will start to lean over to one side. This is dangerous to your property as the tree is more likely to fall over in a storm when it is loose in the ground. Remove it to protect your home and family.

It’s important to remove dead or dying trees as soon as possible. The longer they stay standing, the more risk they have of falling over and damaging your house, car or neighbor’s property. It’s better to take it down on your terms than to wait for it to fall on its.