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No matter how many times you move to a new place, the act can seem stressful. You are boxing up your entire life and hoping it gets unpacked quickly and easily. As you stare at the mountain of things to put together and then find a new home, you may feel overwhelmed. It’s okay. Take a deep breath and remember that moving doesn’t have to create tension. Go slow and break this down into several phrases. The following should assist you in minimizing frustration and anxiety.

1. Spend a Week Getting Rid of Old or Useless Items

There is nothing worse than throwing things in a box quickly to realize upon unpacking that you don’t use it anymore, nor do you remember ever getting it. Take time to sort out rooms in your home, gutting things that don’t matter to you anymore. 

Go through closets and donate old clothes. If you haven’t worn it in a year, chances are you may not put it on again. Hit up the kitchen. Ditch old towels, and say farewell to any utensils that haven’t been useful for recipes. 

2. Label Everything

Stick to one room at a time, so you have a clear focus. Find moving boxes in St Louis MO, so that you can have enough supplies on hand. Put what you want to take in your boxes or totes and then clearly label it with the room and what things are inside. Request that things be sorted out by label when brought to the new place.

3. Use a Service

It can be tiring to load up boxes and furniture. If you can, hire a company to tote this to your new location. This process allows you to delegate and feel a sense of relief.

Enjoy your new place. Before you get there, take the time to know what you want and put it in boxes together.