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Whether you enjoy hosting friends and family or you want a tranquil spot to relax, a patio gives you an outdoor space to enjoy the outdoors. This improvement to your property is simple but is versatile. Here is how you can build your own.

Decide On a Size

Determine where you want to put your patio, then measure the area it will go in. This will help you calculate how much rock and other materials you will need to purchase. With string and yard stakes, map out the space so you can observe its position. Write down what you have come up with and take the numbers with you when you go shopping. Buy concrete pavers Pittsburgh PA, gravel, or whatever you wish to use to make the patio as well as the other tools that you will require to begin. 

Begin To Build

Dig up the grass within the area that you have marked off. Be cautious to keep your lines even so that your final product looks nice. You will want to remove about half a foot of dirt. Line the hole you have made with a landscaping liner designed to prevent vegetation from breaking through the stones you have laid down. Shovel in the rock until the space is filled then spread out until it is even. Cover the gravel with sand and smooth it as well. The patio spot should be level.

Lay Out Your Patio

Select your paving stones one at a time and set them into place. Arrange them into the pattern that you desire. Once you are finished, cover these also with more sand to seal up the cracks between them. Pack it tight, tapping your shovel against it. Clean off the excess then decorate the rest of the space. Add tables, chairs, and other furniture to prepare it so you can entertain your guests.