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If your home does not connect to the municipal sewer system, a septic tank Cortlandt Manor NY is a necessity. Septic systems perform an important function in treating household wastewater. However, it needs regular maintenance in order to function. If you have been neglecting your septic system, here are a few good reasons to pay it some attention.

1. Environmental Protection

If a malfunctioning septic system releases untreated wastewater into the ground, it can eventually make its way into nearby rivers, lakes, and streams. This can have a negative impact on the plants and animals that live there. Some species may die, while other animals that feed on those species may starve to death because their food source is no longer available. The entire ecosystem may be affected.

2. Household Savings

Once a septic tank fails completely, it has to be replaced. This can cost thousands of dollars, and that doesn’t even count the clean-up that has to happen to make your home livable again. Maintaining your septic system is necessary every three to five years and is much more affordable than a replacement.

3. Public Health

A malfunctioning septic system can leach disease-causing pathogens, such as viruses and bacteria, into the groundwater. Water supplies can become contaminated as a result, and anyone who uses the water could become sick. It is not only the drinking water that is at risk. People have developed hepatitis, gastrointestinal illness, and infections of the ears or eyes from swimming in pools filled with contaminated water. This could affect your whole neighborhood.

4. Property Value

Think of the $500 or less that you spend on maintaining your septic tank every few years as an investment to keep your property value up. Because septic problems are expensive to correct, no home buyer wants to assume the cost, meaning that you can’t demand as high a price if you decide to sell your property.

Maintaining your septic system is not only good for you and your family but for your whole community.