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As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to make sure your property is always in good repair. Doing so will help you retain tenants, help your tenants retain customers and help those customers enjoy spending time on your property. One of the big issues with the exterior of commercial properties is the parking lot. Pavement is a great option, but it can wear out over time. The following are some common asphalt issues and what you should do about them.

Longitudinal and Transverse Cracking

Any time your asphalt begins to crack, you should have it repaired by the professionals. These cracks can occur after improper installation of the asphalt, and could also occur due to regular wear and tear. A layer of asphalt sealer South Bend IN can repair the issue, ensuring the cracks are sealed so no moisture or debris can get down in them to make them worse.

Alligator Cracks

These cracks get their name from the way they look. Just as the scales on an alligator intersect in a lattice, so do alligator cracks on asphalt. These can occur due to structural failure, poor drainage, a weak base and a variety of other issues. In many cases, alligator cracks need to be ripped up and an entirely new area of asphalt needs to be installed.

Discolored Asphalt

Because your asphalt is always out in the weather and the path of the sun, it will begin to fade over time. What was once a deep, black sheen could now look faded and drab. Simply applying a layer of sealcoating over the asphalt will bring back that luster, but it also provides a layer of protection.

Your asphalt parking lot is often the feature that offers customers and tenants a first impression of your business or your property. Make sure it’s in good shape by taking care of maintenance and repairs when they arise.