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If you know how to perform basic CPR or life support, you have a useful skill. And if you want to use that skill to help others, you should take a BLS instructor course San Antonio TX or wherever you live. But maybe you’re unsure of whether you should take the course or not. You don’t have to be an expert to become a BLS instructor, but consider these reasons to become an instructor.

1. Help More People

Odds are you learned CPR so that you could help people. Well, teaching others how to perform CPR and certifying others can also help you help others. Of course, you can help the students that you certify. However, you can also help the people that your students perform CPR on. Teaching a new skill to others is a ripple effect since you can share your knowledge, and your students can use those skills in real-life scenarios.

2. Help Yourself

Becoming a BLS instructor can be a rewarding career. Not only can you help people, but you can have a career you love. If you already work in healthcare, you can incorporate BLS courses into your work. Or you could start a business teaching others and make that your primary source of income. You can teach courses based on your schedule, so you can maintain the work-life balance that you desire.

3. Help From Afar

If you want to help people but don’t want to work directly with patients, teaching others CPR and life support might be the right career for you. You can teach people how to perform CPR, and you don’t have to set foot in a hospital or medical facility. Of course, you should know the basic signs of health problems, but you don’t need to go through years of medical training.

Becoming a BLS instructor is a great option for people who want to help others but don’t want to work with patients. If you’re good at CPR and you like teaching people, you should take a BLS instructor course.