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Having water inside a home is never a good thing whether it’s from a leak or it’s seeping into the basement through the drain. Water can cause structural damage and the growth of harmful mold. To keep your house dry and safe, here are some of the top ways to keep damaging water out of your home.

Waterproof the Basement

If water routinely gets into your basement, it can damage furniture and boxed items and may cause mold. The most aggressive way to prevent water from seeping in is to call for water damage repair Parma followed by waterproofing. A professional will inspect your basement and determine the source of water.

Seal the Driveway

When your driveway runs right up to the side of your house, you have more of a chance of water getting in especially if you have cracked pavement. This can be easily solved by sealing the driveway. Then, use spray foam to fill any large gaps between the driveway and house.

Install a Sump Pump

Another option to keep water out of your home is through the use of a sump pump. Sump pumps are particularly useful if you live near wetlands and have the potential for flooding. Having more than one sump pump is best so that you’ll always have a backup in case of an emergency.

Keep Your Gutters Clean

Outdoor gutters are extremely efficient at directing water away from a home, but only if you keep them clean. If your gutter is packed with leaves, water will cascade down the side of the house and possibly into the basement. Also, make sure the downspout fits tight and is extended several feet away from the house. 

If you find you’re getting unwanted water inside your home, you need a solution fast. By waterproofing your basement and sealing your driveway, your house will be less likely to sustain damage.